Why it can be a mistake to use outdoor backdrops

Vinyl backdrops provide you with a greater degree of control in the studio setting, you set the scene, you choose the theme and you transform the studio into any location you can think of whether that is Paris on a windswept autumn evening or an enchanted garden on a summer’s day.

Backdrops create the atmosphere and you provide the creative talent, together this is a winning combination. It’s hard to match this level of control when you take pictures outdoors, live shoots in exterior settings present a whole new world of problems.

This blog explores classic bloopers often made when taking pictures in outdoor environments, read this and you’ll realise why it’s so much easier to take pictures indoors with a custom made backdrop.

  • Unwanted focal attention – Taking pictures outdoors presents a photographer with a whole range of problems, people ‘pranking’ their way into the picture pulling silly faces or animals stealing the scene at the very last minute with crazy antics are just two examples where the focus of the picture shifts suddenly at the last minute. It’s hard to control outdoor shoots at times, you don’t have this problem when you use backdrops indoors.
  • Objects ‘growing’ out of subject’s head – This is another classic mistake. You line up the picture, press the shutter on the camera and when you look back at the image you see a tree, a telegraph pole or a tower sticking out the top of your subject’s head. Pick your own indoor backdrop and you won’t have to worry about foreign objects ruining the shot.
  • Clashing colours – Be careful not to clash background colours with the clothes your subjects are wearing too, think carefully about where you are going to shoot outdoors, check the background colours first before you snap away. Choose your own indoor background and you can coordinate the background colour with the clothes the models are wearing to avoid any issues.
  • Too much detail – Sometimes backdrops are too busy, take a picture on a busy high street for example and your model becomes lost in the picture unless you purposely blur the background of course. Ideally the backdrop should enhance the photograph not steal the limelight from your subject, choose a custom backdrop and you can tailor it to your needs so it has just the right amount of detail.