Make a statement with your photos – Use a photo backdrop

An image tells a thousand words. Photography has the ability to convey a powerful and emotive message – provided that the image has a sharply focused purpose.

The correct use of backdrops will not detract from the imagery composed, but enhance your the images that you’ve composed. They provide clients with a choice of designs, integrated into the composition of the final image.

Photographic backdrops give purpose and tone to the image that you’ve taken. They provide different settings and surroundings. They personalise imagery.

Photographs capture an image in time. This is the purpose of the photograph. However, on occasion, the background can detract attention away from the subject. A photographic backdrop eradicates this problem by focusing attention on the subject in the foreground of the photograph.

Another principal advantage of photographic backdrops is that they allow the photographer to fully explore their creativity. Image manipulation has become a widespread photographic trend – one that photographers have embraced. A photographic backdrop allows any creative person to manipulate the imagery and enhance the impact of their photograph.

Indeed, the advent of digital technology has only served to further develop the creativity of photographers. The photographer need just concentrate on the focus and exposure of the image. A background which mirrors the story that the photographer is telling can be added at a later date. Whether you’re designing your own Christmas cards, or looking for that personal gift for that special someone come Valentine’s Day your options are vast.

Have you ever considered photographic props?

You can add so much more to your pictures with a little imagination. Photographic props have been used to compliment the imagery since the early days of photography. From the simple addition of flowers or fruit bowels to banners angel wings for a newborn and commercial props, photographic images can add that extra dimension to your images.

Traditionally, photography props were used to show the affluence of those in the picture. However, as photography has evolved so too have the props used. From full scenic backgrounds that reflect events or locations to animals were used. Throughout the Victorian era pastoral photography was trending. Props like shepherds crooks and live sheep were highly popular.

Today, props that reflect historical culture seem to be widespread. From bagpipes to traditional Chinese dress wear, an increasing number of portrait photography have emerged.

With a little imagination you can develop a photographic image that truly makes an impact!