How to Choose the perfect Photo Backdrop

All studio photographers today need to have the right equipment in their arsenal. Having the right equipment is just as important as the image itself – more so even as without the right equipment, how are you to take an image to be proud of?

There are a number of different factors to consider when you come to choose photographic backdrops. Before diving headfirst and purchase a backdrop that you think is ‘a good match’ for your photographic purposes, there are a few questions that you need to answer.

From the colour and material of the backdrop to the size and your subject matter, there are a number of decisions that you need to make. Do you want to have transportable photo backdrops? Are digital backdrops the best option for you? Have a read below before making any decisions.

The Colour of your Photographic Backdrops

There are a number of different colour schemes from which you can choose from. From single to multi-tone designs, dull or vivid colours and even patterns, you need to decide on a backdrop that will complement your prints.

Single colour, solid backdrops are generally considered to be more favoured by photographers. Any photographer that works with product photography would be wise to choose coloured backdrops. Many photographers choose to have at least a number of different backdrops in their arsenal.

The Materials of Photographic Backdrops

There are two distinct choices for anyone wishing to invest in photographic backdrops. These are paper and material photographic backdrops. Paper backgrounds allow you to choose from a number of different sizes. Material backdrops offer a choice of material width for a bolder look.

Transportable Backdrops

Location shooting is a large part of any photographer’s profession. With this in mind, having a photographic background that’s easy to move is essential. Big, bulky and heavy backdrops are not always the ideal solution. Backdrops made from durable materials are.

Choosing the perfect backdrops depends entirely on the environment, purpose and type of photography. Choosing the right photographic backdrop will enhance your photographs – the wrong backdrops will make the shoot all the more difficult, and produce poor results.