About Us

Our stunning photo backdrops will enable you to transform your studio into almost any location you can think of. Browse through our collection and you’ll find a wide range of incredible studio backdrops – taking you from architectural features such as brick and stone, to far-away fantasy settings and striking graffiti too. Whether you’re shooting contemporary portraits, edgy fashion shots or theatrical plays, our backdrops are perfect for home, studio and location shoots too.

Constructed from high-quality materials, we offer two main types of photography backdrops.The first being a durable, lightweight woven vinyl cloth that absorbs light and eliminates reflections. This material is easy to handle, hang, store and transport and it’s woven nature means it won’t tear. With multiple photo backdrops, you have the ability to swap your background almost instantly – great for studio work, kids portraits and more. Our vinyl backdrops do have joins in the larger sizes, but will arrive as one piece.

Our Miracle cloth photo backdrops are wrinkle resistant, seamless, non reflective, lightweight and durable. They are also machine washable and dryer safe. Frequently contacted for studio backdrops, we’re also able to create full stage backdrops too – enabling you to create any scene for a show or concert. We carry a variety of sizes in both materials, with larger sizes including an infinity curve and built-in floor for added versatility.

We can custom make larger sizes for stages and halls (price on request) in our vinyl cloth only. All of our photo backdrops can be hung using standard backdrop support systems and we’re confident that once hung, you’ll be amazed at the results when looking through the lens, transporting your subject to themed locations, seasonal settings and urban architectural, to name just a few.

We don’t rent out our backdrops. All our backdrops are made to order, but occasionally we may keep stock on site. Turnaround time is approximately 10-12 working day. Our courier, DHL, will deliver to your door at an additional fee. Orders are processed once payment has been received via EFT. We do offer special prices on our demo stock, so please email Candice to see what sizes and themes we have available. You can also view our backdrops “in action” by visiting


Our vinyl backdrops have a 2cm white border on the edges. Our backdrops can easily be hung onto a backdrop stand or crossbar by using backdrop clips. Our vinyl cloth backdrops are light enough to be taped onto a wall by using Masking Tape only (no type sticky tape to be used) without damaging the wall or backdrop.

 Our larger backdrops have a join which is neatly secured at our factory and will arrive as one piece and will not affect your images captured. Our Miracle Cloth backdrops do not have borders and are seamless up to 3m in width, by any length.

Taking care of your photo backdrop

Each backdrop is made with care so please treat it with love and respect.

  • Creases will occur during packing and shipping, but these can be safely removed by giving your backdrop a warm iron on the reverse side (no steam). Please avoid touching the joins with your iron (Vinyl Cloth)
  • Like any painted item, the vinyl cloth can scratch so avoid dragging or sliding props and furniture over them… rather lift and place furniture carefully into position
  • Place your backdrop on a flat, clean surface and not over carpets or rough floor surfaces
  • Do not place in or near direct sunlight.
  • The vinyl cloth backdrops are not waterproof so please avoid any spillages (dab off and don’t wipe in case a spillage occurs). Our Miracle Cloth backdrops are machine washable
  • Do not use prestik or sticky tape on your backdrop

Terms & Conditions – Refund Policy

We unfortunately do not offer refunds. Each item undergoes a quality inspection before leaving the factory. Please be advised that pantone colors may vary on your computer screen as your computer may not be perfectly calibrated to our website, so colors may vary slightly.

Custom Made Themes

We can customise a backdrop for you, using your own image or artwork. Size must be a minimum 7 MB and 300 dpi.
 Explore our collections now and let us know what you’re looking for. Please email us should you want us to source a particular design or theme for you. This will incur a small additional fee.